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Dancing Floor

Wedding Party Rentals Near You In Norco, CA

Add elegance to your party by getting one of Mary’s Party Rentals’ dancing floors. Our team will assemble it for you so you can focus on having your event ready to go.

We have a variety of sizes to accomodate as many guests as you need. Don’t know how large you need your dancing floor to be? Get in touch with one of our experts and we will help you out.

Size Capacity
9x9 4 couples
9x12 6 couples
9x15 8 couples
9x18 9 couples
9x21 12 couples
12x12 8 couples
12x15 12 couples
Size Capacity
12x18 16 couples
12x21 18 couples
15x15 15 couples
15x18 20 couples
15x21 22 couples
15x24 25 couples
15x27 27 couples
Size Capacity
15x30 30 couples
18x18 22 couples
18x21 26 couples
18x24 29 couples
21x21 30 couples

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